The Oregon Coast School of Art (OCSA) is a non-profit started by Emily Free Wilson and Matt Wilson.  The mission of OCSA is to inspire through creativity and support the arts through teaching programs and a multi-media residency program. OCSA will promote education in the arts and provide space for artists to make art and live on the Oregon Coast. OCSA will support the arts through various teaching programs, bringing artists and art enthusiasts of all mediums together to learn, create, and collaborate.


Founded in 2020 by Emily Free Wilson and Matt Wilson. With roots from Helena, Montana, this dynamic couple brought their vision of an inclusive creative place to the Oregon Coast.


Summer classes are now available! Explore the current list and join us for some creativity! Make sure to sign up for emails as more classes are workshops are made available!


Residencies will vary in length from 2 weeks to 3 months to 1-2 years. Remodeling of apartment/ studios is taking time and are not yet available at this time.

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